Mayor John Biggs Launches his Apprenticeship Commitment with Skills Team

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Mayor John Biggs addresses attendees for the Apprenticeship Programme launch at Town Hall Hotel – 8/11/17. Picture: Kois Miah

The Mayor for Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, launched his ‘Apprenticeship Commitment’ in partnership with Skills Team last week.

In front of 150 employers at Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel, the Mayor detailed his commitment to helping employers make sense of the Apprenticeship Levy, and to help them understand everything they need to do to make the Levy work for them.

The Mayor’s office wanted to focus on how the governments Apprenticeship Levy, introduced in May of 2017, can benefit not just employers but also young people in East London. “Getting on-the-job training remains a barrier to employment for too many young people” he told the audience.

Because of this, the Mayor has committed to 1,000 apprenticeships in the next three years, so that “young people can tap into the benefits of east London’s economic growth”.

The event began with an opportunity for attendees to network, before Will Tuckley, Chief executive for London Borough for Tower Hamlets, spoke on the future prosperity for the area. He detailed how the Apprenticeship Commitment is building on the record of the council’s ‘WorkPath’ employment programme, which has already helped 350 people into work since April, including 100 apprentices.

Councillor Joshua Peck addresses attendees. Picture: Kois Miah

Councillor Joshua Peck, the council’s cabinet member for work and economic growth then said “Being passionate about apprenticeships makes a fundamental difference in people’s lives. It’s about giving back to the community”.

The Mayor detailed how the council had been “working hard to get this initiative off the ground” talking about the drive for new opportunities for young people, and how to encourage businesses to engage with young talent. This included the councils’ plans to support businesses with the new system and a breakdown of how engaging with young people within East London will allow employers to give back to the area, and tap into the wealth of talented people at the same time.

The Mayor also highlighted that changes to apprenticeship requirements mean that employers now have a variety of options to apply the apprenticeship levy, allowing them to “unlock the potential of people, break the age barrier and help people into new areas of employment”.

Councillor Joshua Peck spoke of the real passion he has for the initiative, which he believes will be a great tool for “connecting economic opportunity into the borough.”

The event was a great success, and saw representatives from over 120 businesses in attendance, with many of these pledging to support the community and take on apprentices.

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