Choosing the Right Standards

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Apprenticeship standards are the learning framework for an apprenticeship programme.

There are a large number of government approved standards based on specific job roles, though each standard has a degree of tailoring to suit the employer’s needs. The standards must be aimed at upskilling the individual, allowing them to demonstrate substantiative learning in an area where they have a lower level of qualification, or no experience at all.

Each standard covers a different area of qualification such as ‘Infrastructure Technician’ or ‘Operations Manager’. The standard will outline precisely what the programme will deliver, covering the programme material and assessment requirements. This includes an idea of how long the programme should take to complete, and will list the entry requirements for the programme.

The standards will give you the ability to fill skills gaps that exist within your organisation using the levy funding. If you’re looking to expand a particular department of your business, such as the IT department, an Infrastructure Technician apprentice might be a good step. If you’re looking to bolster the abilities of your more experienced staff, upskilling programmes focused around Project Management could be a logical choice.

The majority of organisations in the UK are currently suffering from a significant drop in worker productivity, with worker output for the UK dropping behind the rest of the G7. According to the Office for National Statistics, in the time it takes a British worker to produce £1 of value, a German worker produces £1.35.The apprenticeship levy was set up in part to give combat this issue by giving organisations a centralised service to improve the skills, and therefore productivity, of their workforce. So if you’re uncertain of where to direct your levy funds, understanding your skills gap is the best place to start.

Skill Scan

Here at Skills Team we use a document called a ‘skill scan’ to assess your organisation and identify which skills gaps exist within your workforce. A skill scan is a series of questions focusing on the skills and experience of your organisation as a whole, and of any individual learning candidates.

Using these responses, we apply the apprenticeship standards to these gaps to determine if an apprentice, upskilling, or a combination of the two is the best solution. From here we can then use the data to create a training plan, ensuring the most effective use of your levy funds.

If you have any questions about the Levy, Skills Team’s apprenticeship services, or our leadership, management, IT, digital and business services apprenticeships please contact us on or 020 7426 9835.

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