5 Reasons You Should Invest in Management Skills

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Leadership and management skills are a vital component of any successful company. It doesn’t matter whether there’s 10 members of staff or a thousand – businesses of any size will reap the benefits of a strong management team.

But just what are the effects of developed management for the whole company, and for the individuals that make up each team?

Employee Motivation

Bad management can leave employees feeling overworked, isolated and lost. Research from the University of California found that motivated employees were 31% more productive, and 87% less likely to quit.

A good manager will help their team to understand their goals and priorities, while encouraging their development. This could be anything from finalising a big project to developing new skills to complement their routine work.

Regardless, helping the team to establish clear personal goals across each quarter will boost their motivation, and in turn their productivity.

Productivity of Workforce

The effects of a good management on productivity can benefit the entire company. From identifying which staff members collaborate best, which team members might not work well with each other, to efficiently managing the teams time – these will all have wide-spanning benefits.

Ultimately the time management is what’s key – by effectively delegating work and cutting down on unnecessary meetings, individuals will be able to prioritise their work. A good manager will offer support where it’s needed, but also leave their team some space to develop in the face of challenges. Crucially, recognition of the team’s great work will continue to drive their productivity.

Developing People Leading To Productivity

A motivated and effective team generates more business value, and in the end profit. Additionally, good management leaves employees with more time to complete their work – meaning they have more time to refine the quality, and more time to work on new tasks.

Leadership and management development is a key driver toward a culture of innovation. The new skills and tools they acquire can offer a fresh perspective on ongoing or recurring projects which will allow them to innovate the way they work, and boost company efficiency and profit.

Retaining Happy Staff

It goes without saying – happy staff stick around. If your workforce is happy under their current manager, they’re a lot more likely to stay.

A poll of 2,000 UK workers found that of those thinking of leaving their current role, 49 per cent cited poor management as the reason why – making this the most common reason for a potential move, behind pay and progression opportunities.

By investing in your staff’s development through leadership and management training, you will demonstrate their value. Employees recognise the significance of investing in their development, as it shows both your desire to grow their potential and your confidence that they will continue to support your organisation.

Cultivating Staff Engagement

This doesn’t mean how hard employees focus on their work, but the extent to which an employee’s personal goals and interests align with those of the company.

So, in this context, employee engagement refers to how much employees regard their role as a career, or just a means of paying their bills. An engaged employee will take an interest in the direction of the company, the culture within the company and crucially – how processes can be improved.

A manager that’s engaged with company culture will encourage the same trait in their team – all of which will improve productivity, retention and their internal relationships.

The benefits of investing in management skills are clear, but what’s the best way for UK employers to upskill their employees?

As outlined in our free Workforce Development Guide, by using apprenticeship levy funding you can upskill your staff improving retention, productivity and reducing hiring costs. By choosing the right skills for your team, you can better support both their growth, and company growth.

A guide to workforce development

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